Break Your Chains of Addiction, Chronic Pain, Excess Weight & Anxiety

Experience life with confidence, connection, and long-lasting wellness through hypnotherapy and  amino acids.

Simple steps of hypnotherapy and amino acids splash a ripple of life long wellness!

Overcome long-lasting challenges with weight, addiction, and anxiety as you balance your brain through amino acids supplements. Learn how to support a new healthy mindset through hypnotherapy.

Step 1

Schedule a Personal Consultation


We are going to identify exactly what’s going on with your health and wellness. We will customzied a health plan for you!

Step 2

Support Your
Brain Function

Amino Acids-1

Balance your brain and give your body the building blocks it needs to overcome challenges and to work correctly
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Step 3

Overcome Long-Lasting Challenges


Release and replace negative self-sabotage and limiting beliefs, as you create a healthy mindset through hypnotherapy. 
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“Pam is so skilled and trustworthy. I highly recommend her and will continue to benefit from her services. Thank you, Pam!" -Lisa Gail Bailey

Meet Pam Tolman

Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist and Amino Acid Expert

I’ve traveled the road before you.
First as a survivor, then as a student, and now the mentor.

Pam Tolman, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Amino Acid Expert

No stranger to chronic pain, I experienced a bout of Multiple Sclerosis in 1994 that left me totally blind. I gained weight, felt excruciating pain and met my new friend called depression. Doctors expected me to be wheelchair bound within just three years. Fast forward 24 years and I have lived a life with my sight, free from the disabling effects of chronic disease. How is this even possible?

After my diagnosis, I began on a quest to learn and practice hypnosis. I grew to understand the importance of how and what we think becomes so much a part of who we are. As I focused on using hypnosis, meditation and changing my mindset, my life transformed and I conquered the disease!

Seeing the change in my personal life ignited my desire to share what I learned and help others make improvements in their lives.

  • After thousands of education hours, teaching in small groups and in colleges, along with opening up my own practice, I am on a mission to help people release the bonds of addiction, excess weight, chronic pain and day to day anxiety and stress.
  • I am passionate about helping individuals and strengthening families so that you can enjoy every day that you are gifted to live.

Accreditations & Certificates

  • Kinergetics
  • Essential Oils
  • Body Tapping
  • Quantum Touch
  • Reiki Master

Hypnotherapy Certificates;

  • Colorado School of Hypnotherapy under Zolita Grant
  • American Council of Hypnotists Examiners (ACHE )
  • Dr. Steven G. Jones
  • MindSet for Success
  • Shelly Jo Wahlstrom Amino Acid Therapy and Nutrition
  • Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Reset from Marge Bowen

“Pam is well trained and caring. A good choice for your healing. Pam is awesome. She has helped me so much through the years I consider her a very close and dear friend.”  - Zoilita Grant

Awake to the possibility of living life with joy & confidence!

Release your suffering of addiction, chronic pain, excess weight, and anxiety with amino acids and hypnotherapy.